Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cargill: Spineless Twits

Like marriage?

Don't be too enthusiastic about it. Cargill management takes offense.

A Virginia man claims he was fired from his job because a message on the window of his pickup truck supported a proposed state constitutional amendment on marriage.

Luis Padilla, who worked in the human resources office at Cargill, the international provider of food and agricultural products and services, wrote on his vehicle's rear window, "Please, vote for marriage on Nov. 7."

Virginia's proposed amendment would define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

An attorney for Cargill, Al Sufka, says Padilla was dismissed for insubordination, because he did not remove the message, which company officials say could be considered harassment, the Harrisonburg Daily News Record in Virginia reported.

Pure BS.

Padilla said he parked in the company parking lot for two days before he heard of a complaint about the message, the Daily News Record reported.

He complied when a supervisor told him to remove the message. The next day, Padilla put the message back on his truck and parked outside the company gate. But later he was told the company owns the land where he parked.

"When ordered to do something relatively simple – remove from his truck two signs that other employees could have reasonably construed as a show of hostility and intolerance toward homosexuals – Mr. Padilla decided to ignore the warning and disobey the order.

So by the logic of this twit, those who OPPOSE the amendment are "showing hostility and intolerance toward married heterosexuals..."???

"By refusing to obey the order, he demonstrated that he could not be trusted to enforce and promote our employment policies because his personal beliefs mattered more to him."

Look for the Cargill label. Then buy the other brand.

1 comment: said...

Cargill's leadership is very suspect in regards to protecting the individual rights of employees. I worked with a Cargill facility in Ohio to change the culture, but found that the leaders were dead set against including the rank and file in any decisions.

Very command and control...not transparent about even minor decisions.

This company has many issues it keeps hidden - price fixing with ADM that was the subject of the movie "Informant"; and food safety problems with meat and....what's next?

Look for more to become public about Cargill in the months ahead. They are twits.