Friday, October 20, 2006

Bp Morlino to McCabe: Jam It!

Well, OK, that's not a precise quote--but that's the general idea.

As you recall, a pompous self-promoter named McCabe, professionally kvetching for a group called "Wisconsin Democracy Campaign" formally complained about brochures distributed in the Madison diocese firmly instructing Catholics to vote "YES" on the "Marriage Amendment."

McCabe maintains complete secrecy on his group's donors, and has loudly proclaimed his group's OPPOSITION to the Marriage Amendment. So besides the obvious conflict of interest, there's this little "secrecy" thing

KUDOS to Bp. Morlino:

Morlino says he doesn't have a problem with the law. In fact, he would gladly register with the state Elections Board if he was distributing information in a way that would require him to do so, but he's not. "I cannot allow the state to become involved with how I teach my parishioners and my churches because that curtails our free exercise of religion and that's a principle that's far more valuable in the long run than any other."

The Wisconsin Catholic Conference has registered with the state for electioneering, but Morlino doesn't think it would be a good idea for his diocese to register just to avoid this hassle. "Well, I wouldn't want to set that precedent because that means that I somehow have to get involved with the state when I teach the basics of my faith inside my own churches, and I don't want to give that much. I'd rather fight something out in the Supreme Court than give that much because our freedom of religion has been eroded terribly."

Obiter dicta:

He says people have a right to marry, but don't have a right to redefine marriage. He says allowing other arrangements simulating marriage would protect the use of the word marriage and not protect the institution of marriage

Let us know when the lawyers want money, Bishop.

Keep up the work of the Founders' First Amendment!!


Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but I thought I'd post this as I don't know how else to get a message to you.

I see that Owen wants to "chat" with you, and he has requested your e-mail.

Just be careful. I still don't know what to think of him. He praises certain identifiable groups whose loyalties are questionable at best. And I've seen that he likes to track people who frequent his blog.

Just trying to watch your back, brother!

Dad29 said...


That WELS bunch can be...challenging.