Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fr. Massingale or Catholic Teaching? Take Your Choice

Evidently, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is unable to find an editor for its newspaper who has the cojones necessary to simply reject crap.

So instead, readers of the rag (no, I don't subscribe, and have NOT for at least 20 years) get treated to this manure:

full-page op-ed by Fr. Bryan Massingale asserting that the possibility that the amendment might adversely effect health insurance coverage for unmarried couples raised issues under Church teaching justifying a "no" vote. [Quotation from The Provincial Emails]

We've pointed out that the clouds of smoke issued by the HomosexMarriage crowd are baseless, including the claim above.

It would seem that Fr Massingale has a serious problem with the concept of 'right order.' Let's get this straight: if Massingale is attempting to pull some sort of "comparative values" game here (proportionalism) then he's missing the point. Natural law (and the Bible's injunctions) trump "health insurance." His hysterics over health insurance for unmarried couples raises a question: is Fr. Massingale educated beyond his intelligence?

As we have pointed out, The Amendment would prevent companies (and the State, and its subsidiarities) from being forced to provide "partner" health benefits (which, by the way, are very expensive.) However, it would NOT prevent such entities from providing them voluntarily, or under the terms of a negotiated labor contract.

As for the rag itself, I agree with The Provincial Emails' opinion:

Why is Archbishop Dolan condemning Maguire when he's got Massingale on the payroll doing the same damage in the Archdiocesan newspaper?

Here's a suggestion for Abp. Dolan. Either find an editor who understands Catholicism in toto and runs the newspaper that way, or dump the silly rag into Lake Michigan.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Thanks for being something that we are sadly in short supply of these days: a MANLY CATHOLIC!

I tried to find an email address to write a few personal comments to you, but I couldn't. If you wouldn't mind a brief correspondence, mine is

Excellent blog! Keep up the great work!

Dad29 said...

Thanks for your kudos.

The email address was removed after a local Lefty-Wacko decided to publicize it, as well as a lot of other personal information which can be derived from it.

Burned once....

Keep reading!

Billiam said...

Well put, Dad. Unfortunately, many priests seem to have problems facing the truth in this area. Almost seems to be rampant in the American Catholic Church. Your opinion?

Dad29 said...

"Many priests" are misled by their training--to be "professionally caring" of others.

Often their 'compassion' button over-rides their 'common-sense' button. They need gentle reminders of Who's on First...