Sunday, September 24, 2006

Free Elections and Free Speech

Wigderson, a giant among bloggers and a fearsome wit, has now posted his 9,000th blog-entry condemning the voters of Delafield for electing an individual who's moving there. This is called "Democracy," although Wigderson just doesn't like it.

It's hard to figure out what Wiggy's problem is with Newcomer. The guy ran a clean campaign, worked hard, and got elected by the residents of the District.

Nonetheless, Wigderson continues to harp on the topic. That's his right. It's called Free Speech. He can belittle the voters of that District all he wants.

James also sent a late-night letter to members of the blogosphere, and wrote a post containing similar language to that in his letter, calling for an email- and phone-call campaign against a speaking appearance by one Joe Sobran.

Wigderson maintains that Sobran is an "anti-Semite" and thinks that no Conservative should have any truck with such a person.

Some on the Right side of the blogosphere recall George Washington's admonition to 'keep out of foreign entanglements,' and Ike's similar warnings about 'the military-industrial complex'--which could easily be read as more focused, but similarly-directed admonition. We can choose to ignore these statements. And we do, regularly.

But when some columnist dares question US policy vis-a-vis the State of Israel on a regular basis, that columnist earns the soubriquet "anti-Semite." Thus, private organizations which ask him to speak are Roundly Condemned by the ....the... Those Who Speak For Conservatives.

That's it. "Those Who Speak For Conservatives."

The very same Those-Who-Speak who cannot abide the exercise of democracy in Delafield, WI. Curious. We are spending a LOT of money to emplant "democracy" in Iraq. Can't we have it here, James?

Sobran has never, ever, attacked the Jewish people. He has remarked, with raised eyebrow, on the State of Israel's ability to garner money and favorable policy from the USA. Perhaps Sobran should have mentioned that the USA spends a helluvalotta money on Egypt, too--but he didn't.
We also spend a helluvalotta money on Robert Byrd monuments. Sobran HAS mentioned them.
In fact, it's clear that Joe Sobran has a lot more respect for the Constitution than does Robert Byrd.

Joe Sobran's views on the Middle East deserve a hearing. One may conclude that he is wrong. But here's a warning: if one concludes that Joe Sobran is right, it will not take long for one to be called an "anti-Semite."

It's also possible to listen to Sobran and examine the "facts and circumstances" which are current--and reach NO conclusion. You can still be called an anti-Semite--as I was, on another forum.

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