Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Don't Like Rape? Get a Gun

Worked in Liberia--so why not in, say, Milwaukee?

Now consider the contrasting experience with women in Liberia. Some were abused, and some were not. The reason some were not is most instructive.

The first report states: “U.N. peacekeepers sexually abused and exploited local women and girls in Liberia.” The allegations ranged from “the exchange of goods, money or services for sex to the sexual exploitation of minors.” Repeating a now-familiar refrain, the article noted: “Currently, U.N. troops and employees accused of wrongdoing are sent home to be dealt with by their own government but are often never punished.”....

Counter to the stories of exploitation by both locals and U.N. peacekeepers, a number of women in Liberia found that by arming themselves and uniting into combat units, they were able to protect their personal sovereignty during that country’s civil war:

“Black Diamond, 22, says she joined the rebel forces after being gang-raped by the notoriously ill-disciplined and unpaid forces loyal to former President Charles Taylor in the northern Lofa county in 1999.

...Not only are the women able to move about in relative security––considering this is a war zone––they were respected as fighters as well. Most importantly, they had the means to defend the honor of their fighting comrades as well as other female victims:

“Liberia's Health Minister Peter Coleman has met many women fighters during the 14 years of warfare and says they are prized by their senior commanders.

“ ‘They don’t get drunk and they take their mission very seriously,’ he said.

“ ‘I saw a woman shoot another officer because he raped a woman.’”

Joining a combat group gave the women access to rifles and pistols.

AMAZING how those little tools work!

HT: Of Arms and the Law


Kate said...

I say "Bravo ladies"!! :)

Karen Marie said...

Interesting, but I thought that the politically correct conservative doctine was that women are too delicate and weak to be in combat units......

Dad29 said...

Yah, well...I wasn't in charge.

The point is NOT military service, of course.