Thursday, September 21, 2006

Argumentation by Forgetting Reality

Folkbum, a proponent of gay "marriage" and the WEAC/MTEA Party Line on everything, quotes somebody:

The real solutions to creating strong schools and strong communities are providing adequate funding for our schools, implementing research-based reforms like small class sizes and early education opportunities, and providing professional development to help teachers improve their practice." attempting to discredit Mark Green's education proposals.

Curious, no?

See, Folkbum, when he's rational and NOT spewing the Party Line, will be happy to admit that watchful and interested PARENTS are "the real solution to creating strong schools and strong communities."

Which we all knew, anyway.


Billiam said...

As I've said before, Many in the Education upper crust won't be happy until they get the majority of the budget. They'll never have enough.

Jay Bullock said...

Right, because inadequate funding always makes things better. (Notice Green's threats to withhold funding for districts that have to miss his 70% level.)

Nice to see you fully missed the point of that paragraph: There are real, research-based approaches to reforn that are tested and that work, but Green's "plan" doesn't touch any of them.

J said...

And throwing more money at the biggest money pit around does? Just once, maybe one, schools could figure out a way to solve a problem without claiming they need more money.

Dad29 said...

...and "adequate" funding is always MORE than "current" funding, Jay.

...and you deliberately missed MY point. No amount of money, or additional teacher-education, will overcome lousy parents, all other things being equal.

So get off the "more money" wagon.

J said...

Even with decent parents in New Berlin, a fairly large per student dollar amount per head, and decent kids...they still can't run a district. I think they've all been drinking the bad kool aid.

Anonymous said...

"No amount of money, or additional teacher-education, will overcome lousy parents, all other things being equal."

Precisely. The solution to the problem is to permit some parents and students to avoid attending the same school with these social pariahs. We can go to our own schools and wash our hands completely. The problems of society won't go away, but we won't have to deal with them at all. Since the kids can't/won't learn anyway, we won't have to waste any money on them.