Wednesday, September 20, 2006

GMC's Taylor: NOT a Candidate for CPA Exam

Julia Taylor's history at the YWCA wasn't real inspiring--so she's taken her "spend it all" theory to the GMC, and now seems to be endorsing utter stupidity.

The Alliance to Protect the Public Good suggests a [Milwaukee County] pension fund payment of $40 million instead of the $59 million that actuaries for the pension fund have said is needed.

The alliance - consisting of county unions, faith-based organizations, social service agencies and civic groups - is convening a rally tonight at the county-operated Mitchell Park Domes to outline its prescription for avoiding major program cuts and job losses.

Among the scheduled speakers at the event is Julia Taylor, president of the Greater Milwaukee Committee, a leading civic organization that issued its own county financial plan last week.

Well, Julia & Co., exactly when should Milwaukee County meet its legally-binding obligations for the pension plan? And exactly how?

Will AFSCME members voluntarily give up say, 30% of their pensions?

I know. Pigs fly.

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Billiam said...

You're not kidding, pigs fly! I had to dodge them in the Marquette this morning! Now I know the reason!