Sunday, September 24, 2006

Doyle: Still in the 1960's on Energy

As one might have suspected, Diamond Jim doesn't want efficient and clean energy:

Doyle, who has supported construction of coal-fired power plants and worked with Republicans in the Legislature to push construction of wind turbines and other forms of renewable energy, supports the ban.

"There hasn't been a nuclear plant built anywhere in the country in the past three decades, and Wisconsin certainly isn't going to be the first state to break that trend," he said.

Whereas Green wants our State to have electricity in the future:

"I believe the key to meeting our future energy needs is through a diverse mix of energy sources, including renewable fuels and nuclear power," said Green, who wants the ban [on new nukes] lifted.

And an opportunist speaks up:

Earlier this month, however, the head of the nation's leading operator of nuclear plants came to Madison. John Rowe of Chicago-based Exelon Corp. said he expects to see three or four new plants announced in the next several years.

Rowe said Wisconsin regulators made the right call more than a generation ago to block construction of nuclear plants at a time when the cost to build the plants was soaring.

But Rowe, who grew up on a dairy farm not far from Madison, added, "I would be very pleased if my home state, which was among the first to question continued nuclear investment in the '70s and '80s, now became among the first to revisit the issue in a post 9-11, post-climate-change world."

Doyle's Luddite inanity is a sop to the wackos. Green understands the future. Rowe's "they were too expensive" comment is a gloss on history which is merely self-serving.

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