Saturday, September 16, 2006

My CHILDREN Weren't Treated This Well

P-Mac catches a good one:

“The politically correct regulations are unbelievable,” he writes in the New York Post. “Detainees are entitled to a full eight hours sleep and can't be woken up for interrogations. They enjoy three meals and five prayers per day, without interruption. They are entitled to a minimum of two hours of outdoor recreation per day.

My children were subject to interrogations at ANY TIME, for ANY REASON, and "outdoor recreation" was eliminated from their schedules, often--for various reasons. But they DID pray--for relief from interrogations, or that Dad/Mom wouldn't catch them, or figure out who was guilty...

“Interrogations are limited to four hours, usually running two -- and (of course) are interrupted for prayers. One interrogator actually bakes cookies for detainees, while another serves them Subway or McDonald's sandwiches. Both are available on base. (Filet o' Fish is an al Qaeda favorite.)

We fed the children. Once in a while, McDonald's or subway. Mom baked cookies for them (usually I ate them before the kids ever saw them...heh.) But they were also forced to clear the table, clean the utensils, load/unload the dishwasher--and occasionally actually had to eat REAL food--nutritious stuff, you know.

“Interrogations are not video or audio taped, perhaps to preserve detainee privacy.

We didn't tape the interrogations, either. That way the nosy child-welfare folks only had "he said/she said" evidence. Worked for us!!

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