Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jordahl's BRILLIANT Perception

This lady is dead-nuts-on.

In her discussion of the "See/Hear/Speak No Evil" attack on Jim Sensenbrenner, she observes:

...what really concerns the liberal establishment is not whether Jim Sensenbrenner's comments will hurt tourism. The sound they're afraid of is more levers being pulled for conservative, tough on crime candidates like Sheriff David Clarke

...or JB Van Hollen.

But I suspect that this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Nationally, the 'generic' Republican has been rapidly gaining ground on the 'generic' Democrat in Republican districts and States which have open or contestable seats in Congress. (Gallup) It's a 40-point turnaround, and while these are (R) districts, and while this is attributed largely to "War on Terror" coat-tails of GWBush, I don't think that it is the only reason--and Jordahl (as well as Fraley) see a "law-and-order" trend, as well.

Obviously, they both read my post below before making their observations.

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