Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Local Muslim Condemns Violence, Slaps up Pope

Othman Atta, President of the local Islamic Society, gets his priorities wrong, and "forgets" all about Muslim wars of conquest, but manages to say the right thing.


Pope Benedict XVI's decision to quote "a not very peaceful medieval Christian emperor," his failure to qualify its anti-Muslim message, and his belated explanation that the emperor's words did not reflect his own opinion played into "a discredited and false, yet persistent belief among many in the West that Islam is a faith that preaches violence," Othman Atta, president of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, said in an e-mail interview.

(Umm, Mr. Atta--the Pope's statement was VERY clear. A quotation does NOT imply agreement. Further, Mr. Atta, the 'emperor' in question was under siege by "religion of peace" armies at the time he made the statement. You expected the emperor to make nicey-nice?)

"Unfortunately, those who have a deep hatred for Islam and Muslims seek to define Islam by the actions of those extremists who defile and violate the faith which they claim to espouse," Atta added. "Credible scholars, including many Catholic scholars, have condemned this unfair and bigoted practice of using an infinitesimally small group of extremists to define an entire faith tradition. Although such dishonest and hypocritical rhetoric is common among leaders of the 'Christian' right wing, it was highly unusual and unexpected coming from the Pope.

Those "extremists" which comprise an "infinitesimally small group" happen to include Mahomet himself, Mr. Atta. Not to mention the Suleiman Turks, and the bunch which, BY SWORD, took all of North Africa, half of Spain, and a corner of Southeastern Europe.

So, Mr. Atta, how "infinitesimally small" WAS that group?

"Although Muslims have a right to express their disappointment with the comments of Pope Benedict, the Muslim community unqualifiedly condemns the attempts by Muslim extremists to use this incident as a tool to preach their own message of hate and violence. We also condemn those who engage in any act of violence against Christians and their houses of worship, for such violent actions betray the principles of the Islamic faith and the respectful practices of Prophet Muhammad."

Nice of you to get around to it, Mr. Atta.


Anonymous said...

Seems there is an awful lot of Muslim "leaders" who don't understand the "principles" of Islam. The Islamic faithful have no problem with them, though, showing up by the millions in the streets whenever called to do so. And when push comes to shove, how many of these faithful would not join in a "holy war" against the West?

Anonymous said...

Please, tell me what "Muslim wars of Conquest" you speak of. Clearly, you receive your information from an evangelical site looking to destroy Islam as it did in the Crusades. I beg of you that when you refute arguments, don't be so emotional, you lose credibility (if you ever had any to begin with).

Dad29 said...

I don't need "evangelicals" to tell me about history. The Muslim horde was slaughtering Catholics long before "evangelicals" ever showed up on the scene.

And they are STILL slaughtering Catholics. Ever hear of Herzegovina?

You don't get to make up your own "facts," anony.

Get the hint?