Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mitchell Bank Chairman Misrepresents Numbers

In an earlier post, we noted that the Chairman of Mitchell Bank stated that 'only 10,000 unskilled Mexicans are legally allowed into the US every year' during his "lecture" to the Peter Favre Forum a few months ago.

That number seemed very small to me--and if it were accurate, I opined that it was certainly worthy of study (for the purpose of increasing it.)

As it turns out, the number was very small--and VERY inaccurate.

Here's a US Immigration Service table (Excel) which gives MUCH larger numbers.

Looks as though the average is about 160,000/year from 1996-2005.

If the Chairman of a Bank has this sort of numbers-problem, perhaps he should use one of the Bank's calculators more frequently.

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