Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wasserman: Some Good Stuff Here

Although the Milwaukee DA race is not directly my concern, there is a race.

As Wagner (via Jessica) points out, the hit-job done by the SpiceBoyzzz had all the elements of a Christofferson/Xoff campaign trick: ignore the issues, go for the personal attacks.

Here's an interesting excerpt from a Wasserman email:

Re drug "amnesty," I first want to say that unlike Chisholm I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a "non-violent drug dealer." All drug dealers (almost 100%) are members of some conspiracy to deal drugs, meaning that there are levels within the organization that are willing to use violence, and do use violence, to sustain the conspiracy. OK, maybe on this day this defendant doesn't use violence or possess a weapon, but he's still a member of a conspiracy to distribute drugs that always has as a component the use of gun violence. So no such thing as a "non-violent drug dealer." But we lost the battle 40 years ago over the use of small amounts of THC, and now it would seem cocaine.

Many offenders, in personal possession cases, should be assessed to see if they can be held accountable in the community, rather then while incarcerated. (Already, Chisholm has moved to the left of this position). Exceptions: where the drug use occurs in the home where there are kids. That ups the ante, and removal of the offender, and maybe the kids, through a chips action, is appropriate.

Wasserman makes an excellent point. The old 1960's "sex-drugs-rock'n'roll" Harmless Hippie dealer is mythology, or at least history. There is NO SUCH THING as a "Harmless Hippie" drug-dealer. Period.

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steveegg said...

Of course, there is the other half of Wasserman's statement. He's given up fighting drugs (though he will vigorously harass those trying to buy ammunition in Milwaukee County).