Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tom Barrett: Here IS a Crisis

Milk Carton Tommy, you have a crisis:

By age 10, Leon had been referred to Milwaukee County Children's court four times, once for trying to sexually assault a 6-year-old relative. Now 15, he has been placed on probation five times, received mental health, mentoring and counseling services, and has been placed in multiple residential treatment centers and treatment foster homes, records show.

Four of the six juveniles charged [in the gang-rape crime], records show, had prior contact with the juvenile justice system in addition to some personal drug involvement, or a parent involved with drugs.

The Leftist establishment in this country (and particularly in Wisconsin) has been very effective in "understanding the pain" and "rehabilitating." Hell, the Democrat nominee for Attorney-General thinks that our jails are wasting space on druggies; that they should be on the streets, instead. They "just need a chance" to turn around.


Tommy-boy's crisis was handed to him by several generations of Lefties who eviscerated the family, who legitimized sex before/outside of marriage, who have enshrined "make nice" as the only courtroom alternative for prosecutors and judges--who, in their determination to justify their Creed that a 'sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll' society is harmless (we call that "self-justification") have created a societal CRISIS.

The irony is that MilkCarton Tommy is a card-carrying member of that Left.

He just can't possibly admit it.

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The Badgerland Conservative said...

All they know how to do is attack and call names.

The Left has been bankrupt in terms of ideas and morality for years.

What's different is thanks to alternative media, more people are seeing it.