Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lawyer Lies!!! Maistelman Exposed

See, Jim Doyle hires an attorney (Maistelman) to give the Elections Board their marching orders.

A lawyer for Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle's campaign repeatedly lobbied three Democratic members of the State Elections Board before they voted with the majority to order Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Green to divest $467,844 in donations from out-of-state political action committees, records show.

That's perfectly legal.

So WHY does the JSOnline run the story using the term "lobbied", which is accurate, but a pejorative?

Because Maistelman lied to the JS reporters.

Maistelman was present on Aug. 30 when the Elections Board took its action against Green's campaign and talked to some board members before the vote. The same day, he denied that he was there working for the Doyle campaign.

It's noteworthy that the Green campaign attorney did NOT lobby the Commission.

By the way, Counselor: now you HAVE the "publicity" you sought. Happy??

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Anonymous said...

You act surprised!!! I met this guy once. After I shook his hand, I counted my fingers and took a shower.