Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Another Hole in the Pro-Gay-"Marriage" Argument

One of the arguments that the pro-gay-"marriage" folks like to use is that the proposed Wisconsin amendment will make prosecution of "domestic violence" impossible.

That's a matter yet to be determined; I find it hard to believe that a good DA will simply ignore a domestic violence complaint, with or without the benefit of marriage.

But there's also this blog from Tampa, FL. The author (see the sidebar) is a lesbian (albeit with conservative/Libertarian leanings)--and an unabashed proponent of armed self-defense. She has some interesting thoughts on DV:

The main point of it was this: Don’t give him any sense of satisfaction for his efforts. Never answer his calls, even if it’s one out of 50 or one in 100.Eventually, he’ll look for someone else. Have a plan in place for personal safety, and try not to go out alone.

...But prosecutors have trouble because charges are dropped, the victims refuse to testify, and ask for "no contact" orders to be lifted. If you don't help the system, don't expect that it will be able to keep you safe.

The blogger is very clear:

I am firmly opposed to blaming the victim in most cases. But I will make an exception. If you drop charges, ignore the terms of a restraining order and see your ex even though they have proven to be violent in the past, then you bear some of the responsibility for what happens. If someone hits me - the first time it may be a sucker punch. But there will only ever be a first time. Then the next time I see that person they are automatically assigned to the Threat Category. Any move on their part that could be construed as a reasonable threat of violence (death or grave bodily injury violence) will be dealt with accordingly, and in compliance with Florida law. (That is I will blow their fucking head off.)

Her conclusion?

Since these cases NEVER end with an apology, dropping charges is tantamount to agreeing to what comes next. It isn't your fault if he hits you. It is your fault if you stick around after that.

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Anonymous said...

Deb is one of my favorite gun bloggers. Like Jeff Soyer at Alphecca, she mentions her orientation as background, so people will understand the range of folk into guns, and does not particularly blog about it. She posts self defense reports with commentary on a regular basis.