Friday, September 15, 2006

Sensenbrenner on Sykes

Charlie caught a good one.

Jim Sensenbrenner stated, flatly, that it is up to the local government to control crime.

Not the Feds.

TommyBoy, the Washington-based Mayor of Milwaukee, wants more money from the Feds to put cops on the street in Milwaukee.

In other words, taxpayers from Sheboygan, Delafield, Antigo, Sioux Falls IA., and Front Royal VA., should be paying for Milwaukee beat coppers.

Yah, that makes sense. State of Wisconsin taxpayers provide lots of money to Milwaukee in direct and indirect aids now. So do Federal taxpayers.

TommyBoy and CrisisNan just want more. More. More.

Tommy--you wanted the job. Now DO IT!!

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