Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Milwaukee Aldermen Swallow Propaganda, Vote Wrong

You wonder if these guys can actually read.

The [Milwaukee] Common Council voted 14-1 to urge Congress to defeat the bill, HR 5005, which would prohibit federal authorities from releasing information that local police could use to trace guns used in crimes back to the dealers who sold them.

Of course, 5005 does nothing of the sort:

Under H.R. 5005, if information on a gun sold in New Jersey is relevant to investigating a crime in New York, there's no reason it couldn't be disclosed to a New York agency.

What is NOT allowed is fishing for information for a civil action (read: lawsuit.)

Milk-Carton Tommy and Bloomie of New York City are opposed because their agenda (as well as that of the anti-gun lobby) is to sue the gun industry out of business.

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