Saturday, September 23, 2006

Phelonious Assault? Nope. Just Common Sense

The Confidentials brings us some VERY good news from Dallas:

About a dozen residents of a Dallas neighborhood beat a man after reports that he had been showing pornographic pictures to children on a playground, police said.

Brandon Scott Burke, 20, showed up Wednesday at an Oak Cliff apartment complex and was alleged to have shown a magazine with pictures of naked women to some of the children playing there, police said.

When one of the mothers saw him and asked Burke what he was doing, he tried to run and the woman started screaming, said Elizabeth Williams, the mother of another child. According to a police report, Burke said about 15 men "jumped him and hit him repeatedly on the face with their fists." He suffered minor injuries, police said.

At least four children saw the nude pictures, police said. Burke was arrested on suspicion of harmful display to a minor.

Phelony, who is Confidential, speculates that some of the residents will be prosecuted for assault/battery.

Frankly, I doubt it.


Phelony Jones said...

I'd rather err on the side of doubt.

Fidei Defensor said...

its good to see some Texas Justice.

Dad29 said...

Phelony, I understand your preference. In fact, I think this is a very close call.

But my bet is that the Cop Shop will suddenly have "paperwork" problems which prevent bringing charges.

Anonymous said...

15 men "jumped him and hit him repeatedly on the face with their fists"and he (only) suffered minor injuries? Those Texans are tough dudes.

Anonymous said...

What about the guns?

Dad29 said...

WHAT guns, JP?

Nobody needed a weapon to pound this pervert's face.