Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dick Armey: AWOL Before, Wrong Now

Dick Armey was a Member of Congress from 1984-2002, and was an author of the Homeland Security Act. A Forbes-school political economist, he actively despises the "Fair Tax" proposal and promotes the "Flat Tax." He says a lot of funny things. And he was initially elected as a Democrat, undergoing a conversion later to the "R" label. It's fair to state that Armey was a Congressman from the Fortune 500.

Now he talks like a sausage.

Former House Republican leader Dick Armey recalled that President Ronald Reagan wanted to tear down walls, not build them.

"Political discourse many times is captured by -- what should I say -- the most primitive thought process," Armey said at a press conference. "This has been rallied up by a lot of people that are very visible and make a lot of noise, but have never been guilty of any deep thinking."

Armey added that he was "really surprised and disappointed in Jim Sensenbrenner."

Here's "deep thinking" Dick Armey's border-control plan, which he actively espoused in Congress:

(You're right. It's a blank space.)

The "Deep Thinking" Dick Armey attempted to hand off his seat to his son. Failed there, too, despite an overwhelming (R) voter-advantage in his district.

Great record, Dick. No wonder you sound embittered.


publius said...

You're right, Dad29. Armey was AWOL when Republicans the first GOP majority in 40. He was AWOL when that majority passed a line item veto. He was definitely AWOL when the GOP majority passed Welfare Reform. And where was he when Congress took up the fight for school choice in Washington, DC schools?

It would appear to me that Gingrich and Armey aren't the only ones to call out this majority for failing to address anything of substance.

Dad29 said...

Armey's "calling out" is loaded with the spite one can expect from someone who doesn't get the issue.

I agree that the Pence plan makes a lot of sense--but NO plan will work without securing the border.


So Armey's just carping. Nothing new. He's still PO'd that he couldn't hand over his seat to his Anointed Son.

BTW, Gingrich's contribution to the USA were decidedly mixed. MFN/PNTR with Red China was a callous insult to those who actually believed that murdering Governments should NOT have PNTR status.

Sez Newt: "Screw murder! Get Trade!"

Good thinking, Newtie.