Sunday, August 01, 2021

Had the Wuhan Flu? GOOD!!

It's a sign of the times when you have to use Israeli data rather than the gibberish and horse-hockey coming from CDC, Fraudci, or Mashed-Potato-Brains*....

...Israel’s channel 13 reports very preliminary data showing that the resurgence of COVID infections in Israel is being driven almost exclusively by those who never had prior infection – whether they are vaccinated or not. In fact, 40% of the 7,700 new cases since May 1 in this very heavily tested and traced country were among those who were fully vaccinated....

IOW, if you already had the Wuhan Flu, your natural immunity is FAR stronger than the immunity provided by the Pfizer/Moderna cash cow.  

And--if you've already had it--turning down The Vax is smart for another good reason: antibody-enhanced disease reaction.  That's just beginning to emerge as a problem. 

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