Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Lefty-Mob Ties Count!

When you're in the Lefty-Mob organized crime gang, you can count on help from the other members of the gang.

Outgoing NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has been blasted by victims' groups for commuting the murder sentence of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin's dad over an armored car robbery that killed three.

Cuomo announced Monday evening that he was commuting the prison sentences of David Gilbert, 76, Greg Mingo, 68, Robert Ehrenberg, 62, Ulysses Boyd, 66, and Paul Clark, 59.

All five have murder convictions, with Gilbert - Boudin's father - the only killer still incarcerated with no possibility of parole over a deadly 1981 hold-up of a Brinks cash truck, that left a security guard and two cops dead....

Boudin is notorious for his "no-prosecution" orders in San Francisco, allowing criminals to plunder retail stores and drug dealers to operate without fear of jail.  He's a Soros guy.

...Gilbert's wife, Kathy Boudin, was also involved in the incident and served as a lookout at the moment two of her accomplices shot the two police officers dead.

She struck a plea deal that saw her admit felony murder in exchange for a 20 year sentence, and was released in 2003. She is now an adjunct professor at Columbia University's School of Social work in New York. 

Gilbert was a member of 1960s far-left revolutionary group the Weather Underground. He and his cronies would hold up Brinks trucks filled with cash taken from stores to fund their ideology. ...

Domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and K. Dohrn, raised Boudin.  Ayers/Dohrn are tight with B. Hussein Obama, who passed on a pardon, leaving that task to Cuomo.

Not a coincidence.

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