Saturday, August 21, 2021

Schadenfreude: Hospitals Have No Staff

Next thing you hear will be "Overcrowded hospitals placing patients in cargo-containers!!"  This will be coming soon to Wisconsin.  Aren't you glad?

See, when hospitals decide they know all about moral reservations and don't care about the long-term  effects of The Vax, they lose staff.  

When they lose staff, they cannot run wards.

When they cannot run a ward, they close it.

When they close a ward, patients have to go somewhere, right?

CoviDOOMPorn!! will follow.

...Two months after firing unvaccinated hospital staff, Houston Methodist is one of several area hospitals experiencing a severe shortage of medical personnel. Media reports say hospitals have “reached a breaking point” because of a flood of COVID-19 cases.

In an editorial published Tuesday, the Houston Chronicle said the 25-county hospital area that includes Houston had more patients in hospital beds — more than 2,700 — than at any point in 2021. News reports make it clear that hospitals are struggling to keep up.

KHOU-11, a local news station, says medical tents have been erected outside of Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital but are vacant because of a shortage of nurses.

“Please send help now,” said Dr. George Williams, chief ICU medical officer for LBJ Hospital....

 Good luck, Dr. Williams.

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