Saturday, August 21, 2021

IRS Joins FBI in Hall of Shame

Sure, the IRS does what its political masters require; that goes back to Kennedy, or maybe even FDR.  They're another branch office of Deep State.

And they're incompetent or fraudulent too.

..."The IRS misreported $7,469,962 in the Federal Procurement Data System and potentially spent $893,804 more than the total award amount of approximately $139.05 million for 11 information technology service contracts," according to the TIGTA report.

It goes on to state: "Further, contracts were not charged to valid expense categories. Specifically, 959 contracts totaling $726,067,888 were coded to invalid or no longer active material group code and Federal supply code combinations in the Integrated Procurement System and the Procurement for Public Sector application."

The inspector general report seemed to express frustration that the IRS "was unable to provide all of the necessary supporting documentation requested." Inspectors general don’t have the authority to subpoena documents.

In October 2020, the investigators "became concerned with the pace and the limited number of documents the IRS had provided," and had a series of meetings with IRS officials....

Just try any of those tricks with the IRS auditor.


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