Monday, August 30, 2021

The Totalitarians Get Spicy

News item of interest.

On August 10, former White House coronavirus task force senior advisor Andy Slavitt tweeted something snarky, as is his habit: “If people who go out and buy fake vaccine cards get COVID, do they expect someone to put them on a real ventilator?” One of his Twitter followers replied, “We need a way to track vaccination that isn’t on a little handwritten paper card. Something that’s very hard to falsify. You have ideas, contacts, resources I bet… Make it HAPPEN, Andy.” He responded, “Hold on for 3 ½ weeks and you will see.” That was two and a half weeks ago....

 So next weekend Little Smartmouth Andy will reveal the next phase of Totalitarianism.

After which he may be "seeing" something, too.

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