Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Quiz on Islam

Almost wrote "Quiz on Is".....but that wouldn't help in the index-search.

So Zmirak interviewed William Kilpatrick, who is actually an expert on Islam, without the fire-and-brimstone of Pam Geller.  Z asked K for a short list of Things You Must Know, following publication of Kilpatrick's book What Catholics Need to Know About Islam.  Knowing my audience--all 12 of you--it's also useful for Protestants.

I wrote the book in order to present a fuller picture of Islam than is generally available to Catholics and other Christians.

In the Catholic Church, for instance, clergy and educators have for decades promoted a highly misleading view of Islam. One might add that it’s a dangerously misleading view because it leaves Christians unprepared for the dangerous realities of Islam. In short, Catholic leaders are guilty of covering-up Islam’s extremism.

The top five myths that Church leaders promote are as follows:

  1. Islam is a religion of peace; Islam has nothing to do with violence.
  2. Islam has much in common with Christianity, including a similar moral code, and similar ideas about marriage, family, and sexuality.
  3. The vast majority of Muslims are moderate.
  4. Jihadists misunderstand Islam. They have perverted a great religion. Luckily, they are only a tiny minority.
  5. Many Christians also misunderstand Islam. They suffer from “Islamophobia” — an irrational fear of Islam that can be overcome through dialogue.

Many in the media and in government share and promote the same deceptive myths about Islam. Much of our failure to resist the spread of Islam stems from these myths.

K is right, as any brief study of the period beginning ~700 AD through ~1600 AD will show.  Those Crusades were fought against Taliban, and Europe was defended from Taliban.  No matter the propaganda of Islamists and such pleasant ignorami as Bush the Dumber or--more recently--E. Michael Jones, Islam is deadly serious.

And I mean deadly.

Read the rest and learn something.  Then buy more ammo. 


Anonymous said...

LOL, expert on Islam. The guy is a fraud.

Dad29 said...

You can prove that, right?