Monday, August 30, 2021

The L-1 Immigrant Racket

 In an article showing that the Biden* Administration is jamming L-1 and H1-B workers into the US (bonus is paid for more immigrants!), Breitbart mentions another L-1 racket going on.

Let's describe the L-1 visa first.

...The L1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows foreign companies to transfer a manager, executive, or person with specialized knowledge to a US company. The US company must be a branch office, parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of the foreign company.

The employee that is transferred must work for the US company as a manager, executive, or person with specialized knowledge. If the employee will work as a manager or an executive, the visa is specifically called an L1A visaIf the employee will work as a person with specialized knowledge, the visa is specifically called an L1B visa....

The L1 visa allows you to live and work in the United States for extended periods of time and also provides immigration benefits for your spouse and children....

With an L-1, you have the option of becoming a US citizen.

The companies utilizing L-1A or L-1B visas are "bodyshops"; companies which hire and then 'rent' programmers, engineers,  or other technical personnel to US companies.   WiPro and InfoSys are examples; headquartered in India, they have offices all over the US.  Thus they are "L-1 eligible" companies.

...Many L-1 workers stay briefly to help implement an international contract, for example, to install a new robot or a production line. But many companies import L-1 workers — typically from India — to replace American graduates via outsourcing contracts.

The law allows U.S. employers to pay L-1 workers very low salaries, often under $30,000 per year — and often much less when federal inspectors are not checking for management abuse and fraud. For example, the GAO reported that “one pattern of abuse is an L-1A manager hiring family members and appearing to manage them in order to corroborate their claim to be an L-1A manager or executive.

Many of the L-1 workers come from India’s huge population of poorly-trained and badly paid college graduates, partly because many U.S. companies have transferred many U.S. jobs into the semi-hidden U.S.-India Outsourcing Economy. That economy is managed by a U.S.-based diaspora of Indian managers who know how to control the diverse Indian workers — and who have a huge economic incentive to exclude Americans from U.S.-based jobs that can be traded to Indian graduates eager for green cards....

Those (Indian) managers have a nice little racket going for themselves:

...Indian hiring managers will sell jobs to Indians for $5,000 to $10,000, one Indian H-1B worker told Breitbart News. Honest Indian managers cannot stop the kickbacks, he said, because “you can’t survive — you will become a bottleneck in the chain. … [Senior managers] will fire you,” he said....

That's called "taking a bribe."  It's closely related to what the Mexican drug-cartel/coyotes do.

Ever wonder why that "customer service" tech who picks up the phone doesn't seem to know what they're talking about?

They don't.

...“My experience with the people from [India] is that they have no basic [information technology] knowledge,” said Mary from central New Jersey, an immigrant software expert. “They will say they have all this experience [to get hired] and then try to learn on the job. If you ask them a question, they can’t answer you. So what is happening is that we’re training them … [even though] we have our jobs — and their jobs — to do.”...

And the L1-A "managers"--who collected several thousand dollars from the job-holders--then proceed to build their own empires inside US companies:

".... That’s the way they operate — they will go over your head and start sabotaging you. They are trying to do everything they can to keep their job. … They are under a lot of pressure and are limited on what jobs they can get because of the visa. … The Indian managers know they have inexperienced people who can’t do crap, but they don’t fire them. That is another thing, they don’t fire them. An Indian manager does not fire them even because he knows this guy has a family and is married and they are not going to throw an Indian on the street...."

 Biden* has plans to super-charge that little racket, too.

...Biden’s immigration reform bill included obscure sections that would supercharge the use of foreign graduates by Fortune 500 companies. The sections create a hidden pathway for companies to import an unlimited number of foreign graduates, at low wages, with guaranteed payments of government-provided citizenship in 10 years.

If enacted, the bill would ensure that the salaries paid to young American graduates — even the wokest graduates — would crash because companies would be able to hire an unlimited supply of foreign programmers, designers, therapists, teachers, engineers, pharmacists, accountants, or managers....

So much for America First, eh?


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