Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Sykes Gets a Mention. It's Not Pretty

Sykes often .......ahhh........brown-nosed Steven Hayes of the Weekly Standard on Sykes' radio program here.

Before Hayes threw a bunch of salary money at Sykes.

Just before Anschutz pulled the plug on the lot of them and closed the loser-rag.

The rest of the story from Ace:

...So Anshutz and Clarity Media already were annoyed at the Weekly Standard. It wasn't just losing them money, but Kristol and Hayes were arrogant, recalcitrant, and defiant in deciding they would continue losing money exactly as they saw fit, without any "interference" from the actual owner.

Insubordinate, really. Incapable of managing themselves, and defiant of any efforts to impose management on them.

They even started paying out huge salaries to late-comers like Charlie "3-Wives" Sykes! Just throwing out money to a bunch of useless, audience-poor NeverTrumpers in some kind of Grifter Charity effort....


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