Monday, August 23, 2021

The Rest of the Story on Tyron Lamb

Stuff the "News" won't tell you about the guy who put a Greenfield officer into ICU after fleeing a traffic stop.

Tyron Lamb, the Greenfield police shooter who left an officer in critical condition, has three previous felony convictions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, including two for fleeing an officer, Wisconsin Right Now has learned. That’s the same circumstance that resulted in the officer’s wounding – a police pursuit in which Lamb took off, authorities say....

As a felon, he was barred from possessing a gun.

As a repeat 'fleeing' offender, he was barred from driving without a valid license.

Why do YOU think he ran from the traffic stop?  

Apparently his family and baby-momma can't figure it out.

...Lamb's girlfriend said she was on the phone with him when the police shot him.

"You hear all these sirens coming, you hear them talking, talking. They're talking. I'm still on FaceTime," Shanairra Rodgers told WISN 12. "I don't hear anyone trying to help him."

She said she and Lamb have two children together and are expecting their third.

Lamb's mother said she did not know where he was coming from or going when police tried to pull him over.

"That's the thing, I still need answers to right now," Tahnisha Lamb said....

OK, sure.


William said...

None of that matters. Did you not get the memo? Anyone of high melanin content is innocent. It is impossible for such a one to be guilty of ANY crime. It's all because of whiteness. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

That’s the life he choose Mr.lamb everyone has a excuse loving family man ha ,he came out like a bandit shooting a gun .

Judy said...

Too bad he didn't love his children enough to be a decent, productive, law-abiding human!