Sunday, August 22, 2021

Experts: "We're Guessing, So Trust Us"

Today's Pravda essay on the Chinese Communist Lung-Rot is actually funny.

...Two truths have become clear since the new coronavirus began its deadly sweep across the globe late in 2019. Both came into sharper focus with Wednesday's announcement that booster shots will be offered to those who have already received two doses of the vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna.

The first truth is that, faced with a new and evolving virus, our best experts have always been at least one step behind....

Got that?  The Smart Ones are One. Step. Behind.

Therefore, it's YOUR fault, you miserable unwashed Deniers!

...The second truth — which may be related to the first — is that the virus has been aided, almost from the beginning, by the stubborn refusal of many to follow health guidance whether it be wearing masks or getting vaccinated....

"....may be related...."  

Ya Think? 

....Julie Parsonnet, a Stanford University professor of medicine, said skeptics must understand that scientists cannot know everything about a new virus in mere weeks or months.

"The takeaway is that we're learning," she said. "This virus has only been around for two years. It has taken us decades and decades to learn about other viruses."...

While the Smart Ones are "learning," they want us to be the guinea pigs in their labs.  

Why is there a Delta variant?  Because the Covid bio-weapon virus mutated to get around the vax.  Take another vax, and there's Lambda.  So far, we've only used two of the twenty-four letters in the Greek alphabet.  Plenty more to use while the Smart Ones blaming the untermenschen. 

And then there are the blatant lies by omission!

...Eight months into the U.S. vaccination campaign just over 51% of the population has been fully vaccinated; 62% has received at least one shot.

That leaves the virus with a vast pool of potential hosts — more than 150 million unvaccinated Americans....

Actually, we're well into "herd immunity" if one includes 'natural immunity' gained from having had teh Covid and survived intact.  There are 37,000,000 survivors of Covid in the US.  Add that number to the 150 million who are vaxxed....voila!!  Herd immunity!! But the Smart Ones don't talk about 'herd immunity' any more unless they're talking about a vaccinated herd. 

Interesting, no?

Then there's the old reliable CoviDOOMPORN!!!! with kids.

...Moreover, he added, the booster will be especially important in the coming weeks as children return to schools — densely-packed incubators for a virus....

Yup.  That completes the template for all CoviDOOM stories.  Find an "expert," ignore natural immunity, hide the vax's inefficacy, push more drugs, invoke the chiillllllruns, and slander anyone who thinks independently.

Easy story to write!

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Anonymous said...

Whatever else can be said about this thing, one thing is so crystal clear. There is not one reason to give these injections to children, and the recommendation by the people who are virologists, internists, cardiologists, and immunologists, is that nobody healthy and under 30 years of age should get them, and the younger, the more dangerous and ridiculous it becomes. Now that we KNOW, and it is completely acknowledged, that vaccinated as well as unvaccinated get and pass the virus, and that the risk/benefit ratio for people under 30 makes the injections MORE risky than the virus itself, there is no reason to get this shot, and to give it to children is so widely irresponsible, one must question the motive of such an endeavor. There are NO long-term studies done on long-term effects because we haven't had time. Vaccines take years to approve, not months, and there is no substitute for TIME.