Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Gut Check Time

Sefton, a fellow well-aware of the Nazi techniques, cites a story on Pastor Artur Pawlowski (of Canada) and then closes with some thoughts of his own:

...This is at the heart of the debate of whether one should or should not get vaccinated. It's not about a medical or even a public health issue. It's now a question of standing up to tyranny as an individual. Commenters and myself included are sick to death of pundits and authors going on about taking a stand and doing something. Well my friends, this is where the rubber meets the road. Even if you did get vaccinated, if they want to see your papers, refuse. If you are a business owner, refuse to cooperate in demanding to see papers.

Easier said than done as you could face revocation of licenses, fines and even jail time. But that's what this is all about. Knuckle under, crawl, grovel and beg for them not to hit you in the face or stand up to this no matter the consequences. Upwards of half the nation has not gotten the vaccine and evidently at least a third will refuse to take it. If this illegal regime and its cronies in and out of government decide to force this on the nation as it seems they are, they will quite literally destroy the economy. That leaves them no other option than forcible vaccination. And that is a line that they are getting dangerously close to crossing....

Based on what I've seen in the three States I've traveled in during the last week, very damn few people are taking "masking" seriously.  That's not likely to change; nor is the resistance to becoming lab-rats for Pfizer.

Yah, there may be jail-time.

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