Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Drug Dependent. Exactly What Pfizer Wants

Pfizer cannot sell heroin, cocaine, or fentanyl.  So they developed something better!

...Data from Israel is showing that vaccinated populations are, for yet unknown reasons, more susceptible to even worse infections from the Delta variant.

It appears, from the early data, that once you take the vaccine you put your immune system into a state of perpetual dependency requiring booster shots to chase the variants every six months.  Without the boosters, the hospitalization rates amid the vaccinated population appear worse than non-vaccinated.   Delta hits the vaccinated population harder than Alpha, and Lambda will likely hit the vaccinated population harder than Delta…. and so it goes, and so it appears it will continue....

Fauci's little bio-weapon JV with the ChiComs at Wuhan worked out well.


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