Monday, August 23, 2021

Race, IQ, and The Dilemma for Experts

Briggs boils it down to the essentials.  You should read the buildup to these grafs before you read these, but you won't.

...Since all Experts aren’t stupid, they know that differences in intelligence have causes. It they can’t admit race, they have to say, they are forced to say, “racism” (or money, or whatever). Equality is thus a theorem and is not axiomatic. It is deduced from the premise that (their definition of) intelligence is the highest (by far, or only) good, and the premise that the implications of intelligence being the highest good are unkind.

The only other choice is to admit intelligence is not the highest, or really only, good. Yet if Experts admit that, then they have to admit their own value is not as high as they esteem it. This is, as you might well imagine, unthinkable in an Expertocracy.

This, at any rate, explains the other paradox of how Experts can say biological whites are innately evil while simultaneously saying race doesn’t exist.

Something, eventually, will have to give....

 That is to say, there are some things which as as valuable as IQ, or maybe even more valuable.

But Experts can't say that, can they?

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