Saturday, August 21, 2021

CDC Is Lying About "Breakthrough' CoVid

You've heard all sorts of excuses for 'breakthrough cases'.  The one we recall clearly was 'old people, or immune-compromised people predominate in breakthrough cases.'

They're lying by omission.

...As the pandemic enters a critical new phase, public health authorities continue to lack data on crucial questions, just as they did when COVID-19 first tore through the United States in the spring of 2020. Today there remains no full understanding on how the aggressively contagious delta variant spreads among the nearly 200 million partially or fully vaccinated Americans like Ingram, or on how many are getting sick.

The nation is flying blind yet again, critics say, because on May 1 of this year — as the new variant found a foothold in the U.S. — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mostly stopped tracking COVID-19 in vaccinated people, also known as breakthrough cases, unless the illness was severe enough to cause hospitalization or death....

So how many people are vaxxed and still get Chinese Lung-Rot?

YOU will never know.

Why is this happening?  Because Fauci and NIH commissioned the Red Chinese to develop the disease which has killed millions worldwide and demolished ordinary life in this world.

So they're hiding the facts.

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