Wednesday, August 25, 2021

The Political 'Income-Tax' Do-Si-Do

Bice has a very large bug up his nethers over Sarah Godlewski.  Sure, she's less-educated than she claims, and sure, she's wealthy, and sure, her current position in Gummint is not exactly salt-mine work.

All that makes her into a typical Democrat politician.

Now Bice slams her with the 'paid no income tax' thing.

We don't care about her income taxes.  (We'll assume she filed honestly.)  Her deductions were large, and we like the part where she gave a bunch of money to charity.

That's all we like about her.  

She could--if she wanted to--grandstand a bit and invite Bice to her office, where she could write a check to the State for fifty grand or so, and deposit the damn thing in a State account.

Bet she won't.  Any takers?

Godlewski's REAL problem?  She likes "wealth" taxes.

Know what "wealth" is for most people?  

Their 401(k).

That's "wealth."   Just like 2,000 acres of farmland is "wealth."  Just like those two 4-family apartments your Dad owns and rents.  That's "wealth."

How much of that will Godlewski confiscate, hmmmmm???

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