Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Tucker's Materials Stolen......By FEEBS?

Frankly, this is believable.

As you know, Tucker Carlson's NYC staff sent a packet of materials germane to the Biden Crime Family to Tucker while he was in LA.  The package was intercepted and the materials were removed before Tucker got it.

Enter Last Refuge:

...The package, likely a Fed-X delivery, was intercepted by FBI agents using mechanisms for tracking and surveillance that open targeting through portals connected to DHS.

As an outcome of the U.S. Patriot Act, the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security has an agreement in place with mail shipping companies, public/private services, that essentially allows them a portal to track all in-state and interstate mail deliveries.

The FBI has access to this data network in the same way the FBI has access to federal transportation records. Just like when you book a flight and DHS portals are open that allow FBI to track your movements domestically. This type of portal is also accessed in private company transportation like Uber, Lyft etc. DHS, and as a consequence the FBI, can easily track your whereabouts....

His theory is this:  FEEBS are tracking Bobulinski's activities and by extension, Carlson's.  So when FedEx received that packet, the FEEB portal hoovered the info and a FEEB operative did what he/she/it was told to do.

Obviously Tucker Carlson is a dangerous terrorist of Muslim faith and Arabic descent, so...........

We pay them a lot for that service, don't we?

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