Monday, December 10, 2018

Who Should Pay for GM's Stupidity?

The Federal law providing a non-refundable tax credit of $7,500.00 for purchase of a new hybrid or all-electric vehicle is about to expire on GM.

And due to its horrible marketing, GM is in a sweat.

See, GM's electric products are sedans (both are small, ugly, and not particularly comfortable.)  But KIA, Hyundai, and Ford are bringing electric crossovers and SUV's to the market.  This is trouble, as sedans of any kind are simply not selling.  Actual, real-live "marketing" people could have told GM to get electric guts into its crossovers. 

But GM has not had a Chief Marketing Officer for a few years.  They didn't need one, ya'see??

Now GM, with plants in Red China, Canada, and Mexico, is closing US plants because nobody is buying sedans.  Their electric-car biz is near dead (sales figures are abysmal) and is not helped by the ridiculously high price-tag ($36K for a 4-door Volt, about $10K above an otherwise comparable Cruze.)

In short, GM is stupid.

Now they're begging the FedGov to toss another $20 BILLION around to help their sorry asses out, while they shut down US production facilities.


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