Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Pete Hill, UW-W's Honorary LIAR

A "psychology professor" married a handsy perv (far beyond Joe Biden territory) and doesn't notice his little problem?

She's going to "teach psychology??"  She'd be far more credible if she were teaching "Stupid Wife Tricks."

Meantime, Mr. Feel-em-Up has his own problems:

[Pete] Hill, through his attorney, "vehemently denied" any wrongdoing to UW System's independent investigator.

He lies.

When he was 18, 19, 22, his actions would have been shameful and stupid but not likely prosecuted.  At his current age, they are shameful, stupid, dreadful, and pathetic.  He's not being prosecuted today, either, and he can thank God for that small favor.  He can also thank God that fathers don't shoot people like him on sight.

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