Monday, December 24, 2018

NFL Attendance and Naked Strip-Teasers

Why, yes, yes indeed, I can reconcile those two items!

Some conservative news outlets have mentioned (often) that NFL attendance has been less-than-good during this season, and that the drop began with the Kaepernick Kaper.

Maybe that's when it began, but that is merely co-incidence.

Trump capitalized on that rummy's kneeling act to underline a theme of his Presidency--patriotism!!!--but Trump made his point and left that particular building.  However, attendance continues to drop.


Strippers know that they make lots of money when they remain clothed.  Not MUCH clothed, of course; but the money is in 'controlled exposure.'  The NFL didn't learn that, (although it's not for lack of watching strippers, we suspect.)

In the quest for MO' MONEY, football added the AFL--a bunch of new teams.  Then they merged the AFL and NFL, and subsequently added even MORE teams.  Sunday-only broadcasts (with 3 or 4 cameras) became Sunday, Monday, and then Sunday-, Sunday night-, Thursday night-, Saturday night- broadcasts with a dozen cameras and dancing-girl interviewers and 'me! me! me!!' schmucks like Joe Buck.....

And Grand Temples were built (at taxpayer expense, in most cases) for the Worship of Football Gods, a noticeable number of which were thugs, wife-beaters, drug-users, and general louts, who make a minimum wage in the high $400K range.  Some of them earn around the range of Green Bay's entire municipal budget numbers. *coughRodgerscough*

In other words, the NFL got naked in front of its audience, and the audience got bored or shocked or both, and is walking away.  At $85.00 or more for a nose-bleed seat, and with TeeVee re-runs and re-plays, who needs it?

So, NFL:  put some clothes on before you catch your death..........

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