Saturday, December 15, 2018

Soros, Obozo, and Pp. Francis

Interesting little item here.

The writer begins by questioning the Aussie Gummint's trial of Cdl. George Pell.  This trial was about allegations of abuse dating back quite some time.  But that's not the controversy.  The controversy is that Australia declared that the trial (and its result) be kept secret.

Huh?  Secret?

Well, we all know that Pell was found guilty and intends to appeal.

But maybe abusing boys was not Pell's real crime.

See, good ol' George Soros apparently has tossed more than a few bucks into the Vatican's lap and those bucks were not reported on the Vatican balance sheet.  The money was discovered by Pell--but suddenly (!!) there were accusations (!!) back in Australia and Pell had to leave Rome. (!!_

You'll find it curious, too, that the Vatican's auditor had been wiretapped and suddenly the Vatican's outside audit firm stopped work at the direction of Cdl. Parolin, the Secretary of State (#2 most powerful man in Rome.)


Meantime, it's also revealed that the NSA (under Obama) has been tapping the phones of a lot of Catholic heavyweights, including Pp. Benedict and (ta-da!!) Cdl. Bergoglio (now Pp. Francis.)

Well.  We know that Soros has to be very pleased with Francis' yappaflappa about 'taking in refugees' (no matter how many of your citizens they kill) and "borderless world" and the Menace of Warming, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

Think all that money may have had something to do with all this?

If not, then think again.

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