Sunday, December 09, 2018

Hey, Paul Ryan!! Go Back to Ireland!

We note that Paul Ryan has literally snuck through legislation which would both legalize illegal Irishmen in the US AND increase the quota for Irish immigrants.

Yah, well.

Based on what we know about Paul Ryan, who gets scummier every day, perhaps the legislation should be stopped in its tracks in the Senate and instead, Paul Ryan should simply move to Ireland.  After all, abortion is legal there, too, so he can pay taxes there and fund it!!

And as you'll learn at the link, it is Paul Ryan who single-handedly protects the Obama FBI, DOJ, and White House from.......ahhh........"inquiring minds" such as Jim Jordan.

Yes, it would be disconcerting to learn that the FedGov was engaging in a war against its own citizens during the entire Obama reign--and even more disconcerting to learn that the Establishment GOP *cough* Ryan & McConnell (another mick!) were complicit then and compliant now.

Disconcerting enough so that Macron's little problem might just jump the Atlantic.....


GOR said...

First, the link doesn’t work.

Second, as a legal Irish immigrant of 45+ years ago (and a citizen since 1978…) I have no time for Irish people who ‘overstayed’ their visas and remain here illegally. Nor do I appreciate efforts by Irish government types each March 17, to try and justify their being ‘legalized’.

Thirdly, I don’t appreciate the pejorative term ‘mick’ Dad. You’re better than that.

Dad29 said...

Fixed the link.

You have my permission and blessing anytime you want to call me a kraut. Your sensitivity should have passed a long time ago.