Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Substance of Pp. Francis

It can't be said that this guy is a 'friendly' on Francis. 

Take Bergoglio, for example. His studies amount to nothing substantial. The Jesuits over here (in Argentina) have no professors worthy of the name, the subjects were tossed about in an un-scholarly manner, the philosophy would never be properly taught (and, it would only be crassly digested Su├írez in the best of cases). The theology seats had been all but captured by badly trained Jesuits who were prone to repeat the last of Teilhard’s work, or Rahner’s, when not divulging the Liberation Theology’s tenets (the Nouvelle Theologie never made it over here, few people could read French or German, and St. Thomas was all but perfectly ignored).

So what does Bergoglio know? With that sort of training, pretty much nothing. No Latin, no languages at all, for that matter. His Italian is awful, not a word of English, no French, let alone his clumsy Spanish! (I wonder what on earth he studied in Germany for a couple of months, as is reported, because, for that matter, he knows no German either. And he certainly did not earn a degree over there.)  --Jack Tollers quoted at Deus Ex Machina
Recently, Cdl Cupich came here to lecture Abp Listecki and a couple dozen other victims on "The theology of Francis' or some such foodaddle.

If the above is correct, the lecture lasted 10 minutes, max.

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