Monday, December 10, 2018

No Yellow Vests, Same Cause: Italy!!

As Belling often mentions, the MSM's best trick is NOT covering some stories.  (That's closely related to Satan's best trick:  persuading you he does not exist.)

Anyhow. Rome, a buoyant crowd of at least 50,000 celebrated six months of power for the populist coalition that won power in Italy.

[Quoting CNN:] Far-right Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini attacked same-sex unions and promised to put "Italians first" during a rally in Rome on Saturday, as his government remained locked in deadlock with the EU over its proposed budget....

It's not just "co-incidence" that some Yellow Jacket demonstrators showed up in Brussels at the HQ of the EU.  And perhaps it's not just "co-incidence" that an armored vehicle with EU markings (!!!) showed up in Paris.   hmmmmmmm.

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