Thursday, December 20, 2018

"Do No Evil--Unless It Pays Big!!"

At one time, Google's watchword was 'do no evil.'

Well, things have changed, eh?

....While [Google CEO] Pichai largely avoided any major missteps in his testimony—thanks mostly to the technological illiteracy of the questioners—even Google-friendly sources couldn’t help noticing his evasiveness on one key point: the infamous proposed partnership between Google and the Chinese government to build a censored search engine in line with Chinese government ideology—a project ominously code-named “Project Dragonfly.”

Most notably, Pichai absolutely refused to rule out making such a product, instead devolving to corporate doublespeak about being “committed to engagement,” whatever that means. He also tried to downplay Project Dragonfly, characterizing it merely as an “internal product,” rather than something under serious development.....

Red China is the world's single largest market, and Google isn't going to let a few silly "ethics" and "morals" get in the way of a very, very, rich payout.

Now, as Greatness asks:  how much will it take for Google to do this to YOU?

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