Monday, December 24, 2018

The Bloomberg-Democrat-NPC Screech

Mike Bloomberg is a man of the last century, thus carrying old-style Democrat campaign scrolls in his vest-pocket.  He's influential and has lots of money, so you'll hear Bloomberg-esque incantations as 2020 approaches.  It's likely that the Children's Crusade of such intellectual heavyweights as Ocasio-Cortez and David Hogg will add a few catchy phrases written in crayon, but in the main, you'll hear what Bloomberg outlines.

Here are a few bits and pieces from his latest NPC cri de ceour which are representative of (D) wailing, followed by some observations. 

...[Trump's] destructive effect on competent government in Washington...  Wrongly assumes that 'government' was 'competent' in the first place. of the last remaining seasoned and respected professionals at the top of the administration announced his resignation, [Mattis] for reasons he explained in a letter that was as courteous as it was devastating. ...Mattis, a good man and true, represents the GHW/GW Bush "Imperium" school of thought.  That thinking is directly opposed to that of G. Washington (directly) and D. Eisenhower (indirectly), who were "seasoned, respected, professionals" too, IIRC.

...president’s obsession with a border wall that won’t work but will waste billions of taxpayer money....  There's nothing like "evidence-based" objections, Mike.  So maybe you have actual evidence that 'it won't work'?  Start with Israel.  You may include Paul Ryan's estate if you like.  Show your work.  Second:  "wasting billions in taxpayer money" is what government has done for at least the last 60 years.  To "competent" politicians, that's a Feature, not a Bug.  That's one reason that Trump and his voters don't like "competent" politicians, you dummy.

...Trump’s recklessly emotional and senselessly chaotic approach to the job....Yah, Mike, it's awful.  Consumer spending up, manufacturing employment up, unemployment at less-than-statistical-zero, taxes down, ObozoCare almost wiped out, straitjacket restraints on the US (read:  Paris Accords, NAFTA) gone.  Emo?  No, Mike.  It's AMERICA FIRST.  Not "Wall Street First."  See the difference?

...The president’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria, which jeopardized military success in a crucial battle and betrayed an ally as well,...   You mean like the "crucial ally" we had in South Vietnam--the one that the Democrats left for dead, you f'n hypocrite?  Or maybe you'd prefer we leave 2,200 troops directly between the Russians and the Iranians to see what crossfire looks like up close and personal?  At least Mattis suited up and was IN combat, Mike.

Mike, you quote Mattis here:  "we cannot protect our interests or serve that role effectively without maintaining strong alliances and showing respect to those allies"....  Mattis is a good man and true, but there's something he doesn't mention there, to wit:  those allies must show equal respect to the USA.  We will no longer subsidize German and French commerce and industry by paying THEIR share of defense obligations, Mike.  Maybe that's the way you like it, but the old way doesn't look "respectful" to me.

...His penchant for ignoring reality — evident in so many other areas, including climate change — apparently extends to elections....  No, Mike, the President knows that climate changes.  More important, he knows that it changes without any help from puny little mankind.  So he's not going to waste billions and billions and billions of dollars on the racketeers of Climate.  They are YOUR allies, and hey!  It's OK that you pick your friends, Mike.  However, most of us think your friends are selling very expensive snake oil.  (As to those "elections," Mike:  which body confirms judges?  Hmmmmm????)

Mike ends his rant by hinting that the stock market's dive is also a result of Orange Man Bad.  Sure.  Yup.  Of course!!  It has nothing to do with ridiculous P/E ratios, or typical cyclical up/down, or Wall Street's "pump-and-dump" fraudsters, or stock buybacks using cash which should have gone to dividends, or any of that, Mike.  It's all Orange Man Bad.  Sure.  Yup.  Of course!!

Who knew that Mike Bloomberg was actually an NPC?

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