Monday, December 24, 2018

Lefties Awakening on Red China?

Egads!  Whatfinger points us to this article appearing in Salon, a lefty outfit.  Apparently the bloom is off the murderous 'rose' of Communist China.

Now watch as Salon wordsmiths its way out of pointing fingers at the guilty parties:

Is today’s trade conflict with China beginning to broaden into something bigger and more long-lasting? It would appear so. Much of the current backlash is a product of the West’s longstanding, but misplaced, fawning and awe over Beijing’s historically unprecedented economic advancement over the past 30 years: the na├»ve assumption that its growing prosperity would inevitably lead to a more open, politically liberalized country whose interests would more closely align with those of the West. As those expectations have been dashed, so too the backlash has arisen accordingly: Many now view China as both a trade cheat and a mounting global security threat, as it approaches economic parity and strategic rivalry with the West. And China’s leadership appears less well-equipped both politically and economically than its Western counterparts to deal with this rising conflict, as it metastasizes into a fully-fledged Cold War 2.0....
Salon is pretty crafty in its propaganda, eh?   First off, exactly WHO was "naive" about the Chinese Communists?

Well, how about the Globaloney Crowd:   Dick Nixon.  Bill Clinton.  Obozo the Stupid.  Both of the Bush-men.  The entire State Department Foreign Policy Establishment of Egghead Smarter-Than-You Harvard/Yale people.

I'll tell you this:  it wasn't anyone who knew what Communists are or how they work.  But Goldwater, Sobran, Sam Francis, Cdl. Mindszenty, Buchanan, the Conservative Treehouse--well, they're just Stupid, right?


Secondly, Briggs & Stratton and Chrysler found out--in the mid-1980's--that the Chinese Communists were "trade cheats."  Everybody else doing business there found out within a couple of years of start-up that the Chinese would steal everything in sight.  But they kept quiet about it because, after all, the ChiComs were very good at mercantilism (prison camps and death squads are great motivators) so US shareholders and Muckety-Mucks got rich.  (So did both the Clintons, Joe Biden's kid, and Mitch McConnell, by the way.)

Now, all of a sudden, the ChiComs are acting like Communists?

Huh.  Somebody better tell Mike Bloomberg.

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Dave P. said...

I would say that China is going back to being China, but with an interest in the outside world. A rather scary combination.