Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Pessimist in D.C.

It's fairly clear that the "Treehouse" author has been around Mordor on the Potomac for quite some time.  He knows how to follow the snakes through their acquaintances, friends, relatives, current- and ex-spouses, (etc.) to their home (which probably resembles this place).

While no one could accuse him of being a cockeyed optimist, it's becoming clearer that he's a deep, deep, pessimist.  His work sorta proves the old saw that ".....when you think things are really bad, they're actually far worse....." (or something to that effect.)

...Unfortunately, too few people ‘do‘ understand the scale of the problem(s). Until a significant number of more people understand the core issue(s), any discussion of a solution is essentially futile....

...The institutions of the DOJ and FBI are corrupted; not just a few people within it, but rather the entire apparatus has been weaponized, over time, by participating political members who have politicized every function within the institution.

Every level of the Department of Justice (Main Justice); every national administrative office inside the FBI; and every state office of the U.S. Attorney and field office of the FBI; is being run through the prism of politics.   Every outcome is clear evidence therein....

And most of those bastards have guns and ammo.  Not as many or as much as WE do, but enough to make things very ugly.

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