Monday, December 31, 2018

Hard-Left Evers Appointments

Kittle over at MacIver puts it in one paragraph:

...As MacIver News Service first reported earlier this month, Evers liked to talk about compromise and bipartisanship following his election win, but his picks for policy advisers suggest he’s playing politics to the far left. The incoming governor has quietly assembled advisory committees packed with some of the most left-leaning people from some of the more left-wing organizations in the state. Nary a conservative to be found, of course, and even truly moderate Republicans are missing from the far left-heavy advisory committees. 

The lineup includes big labor bosses, extreme environmentalists, social justice warriors, and espousers of socialism....
Hmmmm.  Does that include Craig Thompson, who will run the Dep't of Transportation?

...Thompson is well known in the Capitol for his work lobbying lawmakers as executive director of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin since 2007. The group, founded in 1971, represents more than 400 businesses, unions, citizen groups, local units of government and individuals. It has been a strong advocate for raising taxes and fees to improve the condition of Wisconsin's roads....
There are some who state that Wisconsin's roads are in terrible shape.  Driving on those roads would disprove that easily, of course.

The problem with the RoadBuilders Lobby is this:  you can NEVER give them enough money.  Never.  And they will be looking at your wallet for the next 4 years because their wallets are simply not fat enough.

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