Friday, March 09, 2018

"Tax On Consumers"? Be Serious!

It's hard to watch these people and not break out laughing.

...House Speaker Ryan said in a statement that he “feared the unintended consequences” of the new tariffs. The statement was issued only moments after President Trump signed proclamations of the new tariffs in a ceremony at the White House.

Ryan was joined by Jeff Flake, the Republican from Arizona, who described the tariffs as “lethal poisons.” Flake said he would introduce legislation to “nullify these tariffs,”...

The MAXIMUM TOTAL POTENTIAL tariff revenues, (including Mexico and Canada, which are NOT included today) will be $9 billion.

$9 billion.

The Feds spend $26 billion on transportation every year.

Just shut up already.  We tried it your way, and the US is now the latrine for Red China's ....ahhh....excrements.  Is that REALLY what you think of your constituents, Paul?

By the way, how's that GM/Janesville plant going for you?'s in Siloa, Mexico.  I forgot.

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