Thursday, March 08, 2018

NAFTA in Wisconsin--ALL of the Story

Sen. RoJo is all cranked up about Trump's Tariffs.

Today he stated that Wisconsin has a trade surplus with Canada and Mexico, therefore "NAFTA is good for Wisconsin."

Well, that's part of the story.

NAFTA was signed in 1994.  From that year until 2000 Wisconsin's manufacturing employment rose from ~535,000 to ~598,000.

But since 2000, manufacturing employment in Wisconsin has shrunk to 479,000 jobs.

That would be 100,000 jobs lost overall, and (net) 60,000 of them since NAFTA.  Yes, there are other factors--Doyle and the (D) rule, for example. 

But let's tell the WHOLE story, Ron.  Walker and the (R) boyzzz have been running things (well, ain'a?) for 8 years--and we STILL lost manufacturing jobs with NAFTA in force.

So the unemployed should....what?  Eat cake, Ron??

THEY CAN'T AFFORD CAKE, RON.  Try running the production-worker wages comparing 1994 with 2017 (adjusted for inflation.)  Yah.  It's not so hot, is it??

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